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White Wine

The White Wine of Bodegas Xaló

"The people of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive tree and the vine." - Thucydides.

Characteristics of white wine

White wine is a variety of wine whose tones range from straw yellow, greenish yellow, and golden yellow. It is made by the fermentation from the pulp of white grapes.

The great variety of white wines is due to the existence of a great variety of different strains, as well as the different production methods, and the residual sugar ratio.

The white wines made by Bodegas Xaló are made with the variety Muscatel of Alexandria, a typical grape of the Mediterranean area that has been producing wines for more than 2,500 years.

white wine

Types of White Wine

The most common white wine is dry, more or less aromatic and acid, depending on the complete fermentation of the must.

Sweet wines are those where fermentation is interrupted before the natural sugars in the grape are converted into alcohol.

The sparkling wines Whites are those in which the carbon dioxide from fermentation remains dissolved in the wine, creating delicate and fine bubbles to delight the palate.

White Wine

Origin of White Wine

The making of white wine is lost in history. The first trace that has been found is from 7,500 years ago, in ancient Mesopotamia. However, we certainly do not know the time when the wine began to be made.

Both ancient Greece and the Roman Empire developed a great wine industry, the latter being the one that expanded the cultivation of the vine throughout Europe and North Africa.

white wine


Es ideal para combinarlo con pescados, mariscos, arroces, foie, y postres. También es típico su consumo como aperitivo.

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