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Wines for the Hospitality Industry

Wines for the Hospitality Industry

Wine is one of the greatest jewels of gastronomy, which is why Bodegas Xaló has created a specific line of wines for the hotel and catering industry called Marnes.

The Marnes range of wines is very complete and allows establishments to offer their customers a wide range of possibilities.

Types of Wines for the Hospitality Industry

Red Wines

Marnes has two types of red wines, the red Marnes, and the oak red Marnes. The first is a young wine, made mainly from the Giró grape variety. It is fresh, light and fruity. Ideal as an accompaniment to light meals.

The oaky red Marnes is elegant and forceful. It surprises you with its duality of nuances, and despite its youth it imposes itself with its great presence.

White Wine

The white Marnes is made from Muscatel of Alexandria grapes, it is light, fresh and very aromatic. The ideal companion for rice dishes, fish, or as an aperitif.

Rose Wine

Marnes Rosé is made with Giró grapes. It is a very fruity wine, but at the same time fresh and pleasant. Perfect with rice and fish dishes.


The Marnes mistela is our most traditional product. Made in the Marina Alta, where our Moscatel de Alejandría grapes reach exceptional quality. It is a very sweet, dense and unctuous wine, typical of the ripe Muscatel grape.

Wines for the Hospitality Industry

Wines for the Hospitality Industry with Mediterranean Flavor

The Marnes range is a clear example of Mediterranean gastronomy, the base of these delicious wines are two typical Mediterranean grape varieties, the Muscatel of Alexandriaand Giró. 

They are produced in the Marina AltaThe soft breeze from the Mediterranean Sea and the warmth of the sun, typical of the area, allow our grapes to reach the optimum level of ripeness.

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