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Vermouth Time: A Toast to Tradition and Friendship

Vermouth Time is much more than a tradition; It is a time to celebrate life, friendship and good taste. In a hectic world, this pause to enjoy a glass of vermouth, surrounded by loved ones and good snacks, reminds us of the importance of appreciating the simple pleasures in life.

vermouth time

What is Vermouth Time in Spain

On the sunny streets of Spain, there is a tradition that has endured through time: Vermouth Hour. This social ritual is celebrated between the beginning of noon and meal time accompanied by a delicious aperitif. It has transcended borders and has become a gastronomic experience that unites friends and family around a glass of this flavored alcoholic beverage.

History of Vermouth: A Centennial Tradition

Vermouth has roots that go back to ancient times. Originating as a medicinal drink made from herbs and spices, it eventually evolved into the delicious elixir we know today. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, vermouth became a popular drink in Europe, especially in Spain and Italy, where people began to enjoy it as an aperitif before meals.

vermouth time

The Vermouth Time Ritual

Vermouth Time is more than just drinking; It is a ritual, a shared experience. It usually takes place at midday, just before lunch, and offers a break in the day to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. The bars and taverns are filled with people chatting animatedly, laughing and enjoying the moment.

The Variety of Vermouth

One of the beauties of vermouth is its variety. From the sweet and fruity red vermouth to the dry and herbal white vermouth, there is an option to satisfy every palate. Vermouth lovers enjoy exploring different brands and styles, each with their own unique flavor profile. Some prefer their vermouth served with a slice of orange or a slice of lemon, others with olives or even in sophisticated cocktails.

The Vermouths of Bodegas Xaló

The vermouth of Bodegas Xaló It is famous for its traditional production based on a base of muscatell grapes, which are macerated with certain traditional spices and herbs from the town of Xaló, achieving one of the most awarded vermouths in the Valencian community. In the Bodegas Xaló store you can find two types of red vermouths:

vermouth time


The VALL DE GORGOS vermouth It is a traditional amber-colored vermouth, notable for its light sweetness due to the muscatel grape and a bitter touch that gives it unique sensations for true vermouth fans.


The XALONERET vermouth It is a more gourmet vermouth, with a light mahogany color, it is made following the traditional method with the Muscatel grape variety and a perfected production process, achieving better quality and a new, more subtle and elegant expression. It represents the good work of the roots, culture and tradition of Bodegas Xaló.

vermouth time

Vermouth and Local Gastronomy

Vermouth Time would not be complete without a selection of delicious tapas to accompany it. In Spain, this can include tapas such as olives, patatas bravas, sausages, anchovies in vinegar, and Iberian ham. The combination of flavors between vermouth and these local delicacies is simply exquisite.

The next time you find yourself in a lively bar or in the comfort of your home, consider raising your glass of vermouth and toasting the rich history and delicious tradition of Vermouth Hour. Cheers!

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