Our winery

Our distinguished and careful production achieved with the combination of artisanal experience, treasured for centuries and the most advanced technical means, makes the Cooperativa Valenciana Virgen Pobre de Xaló an emblematic Winery in wines and spirits (mistela moscatel, red mistela and vermouth) of high quality.
The building itself was constructed in the early sixties and is known locally as the “Bodega” of Jalon. Its original purpose was for storing the equipment that belonged to the first members of the society; presses, wine deposits, wooden oak barrils etc. It was the place where they combined their wisdom and knowlegde to create one of the traditional old wines called “Fondellol”.

As the years have passed the “Bodega” has adapted to new technology and from the first wines and “Mistelas” (sweet liquors), which were sold exclusively by liter, we have envolved to the bottling of top quality wines, which you will be able to sample in our establishment.
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