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Mistela Riu Rau, surely the best mistela in the world.

3 October 2021
mistela riu rau

Mistela Riu Rau

The limited edition Mistela Riu Rau is made by hand with the best grapes of the variety Muscatel of Alexandria golden in the Mediterranean sun.

mistela riu rau

Presentation of the Mistela Riu Rau

It comes in 0.375L glass bottles. In the Bodegas Xaló Online Store you can buy in box of 6 bottles.

It can also be purchased in the Bodegas Xaló store in an individual box.

Tasting notes of the Mistela Riu Rau


Dark mahogany color.


It is a very intense wine, with a great personality, with floral notes, honey, citrus and dried fruits.


In the mouth it has an intense and long attack, and with a great balance between sweetness and acidity.


Ideal to take it with sweet desserts, as an aperitif combined with foie and blue cheeses, or in a pleasant after-dinner.

To serve

8º - 10ºC

mistela riu rau

premios proava

PROAVA 2021 Grand Prize

Considered by the tasters committee of the VI Edition of the Valencian Community Wine Contest, as the best wine of all the categories of 2021. This wonderful mistela has been awarded the PROAVA 2021 Grand Prize in front of more than 230 wines presented, thus demonstrating its great quality and balance.

History of the Mistela

The mistela has been made for thousands of years since very long-lasting sweet wines are obtained. Thanks to the stability that alcohol provides to the must, fermentation is avoided as the amount of alcohol in the must is high, in this way the yeasts cannot survive.

It is a way to preserve grape juice for a long time, since alcohol is a great preservative.

Elaboration of the Mistela

The production process consists of the addition of alcohol, of vinous origin, to the freshly pressed must. With this system, the must is prevented from fermenting, and thus its sugar content is higher, obtaining a natural sweet product with 15% added alcohol.

mistela riu rau

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mistela riu rau

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