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Mistela Mini Emerald Giró

The Mistela Mini Emerald Giró It is a well-structured sweet wine with intense aromas of ripe red fruits. Made with the Giró grape variety typical of the Marina Alta. It is perfect to accompany chocolate desserts.

Size: 0,1 L.

Online sale: Box of 36 units.

Mistela Mini Emerald Giro

Tasting Notes of the Mistela Mini Emerald Giró


It is transparent, shiny, and attractive to the eye. Dense, unctuous, and of an intense dark pink color.


High aromatic intensity, standing out from the standing glass, fresh and sweet aromas of ripe grape turned, in addition to certain hints of sweet blackberries, and sarsaparilla with a very special herbaceous touch. A shaken glass intensifies the aromas and the sensation of sweetness, typical of mistelas.


Unctuous, sweet, and dense mid palate. The acidity is consistent with the sweetness of the wine, with a fair astringency. Nice finish and medium persistence.


Perfect to accompany chocolate desserts, and sweets in general, or simply to enjoy it alone. It is a traditional and unique product from Bodegas de Xaló.

To serve: 8 - 10 ºC

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