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Giró Grape Harvest

The Giró Grape Harvest: A Charm of the Marina Alta

The grape harvest is one of the most crucial moments in wine production, and when it comes to the grape Giró, this phase takes on a special charm. The Giró grape is well known for its contribution to the creation of unique wines, especially in the region of the Marina Alta. In this article, we explore the Giró grape harvest process and how this stage is fundamental to producing quality wines.

Giró Grape Harvest

The Giró Grape: An Emblematic Wine with D.O. Alicante

The Giró grape is a red variety native to Alicante and the Balearic Islands. Although it is less well known than some of its oenological counterparts, the Giró has a special place in the hearts of Alicante winegrowers.

The Time of the Harvest

The grape harvest is one of the most exciting stages of the wine production cycle. In the case of the Giró grape, harvesting generally takes place in late August or early September, when the grapes reach optimum ripeness. The precise timing of the harvest is carefully determined, as it significantly influences the flavour profile of the resulting wine.

Giró Grape Harvest

Hand Harvesting: Tradition and Care

An outstanding feature of the Giró grape harvest in the Marina Alta is that it is carried out by hand. The grape growers and harvesters go through the rows of vineyards, carefully selecting bunches of ripe, healthy grapes. This manual selection is essential to ensure that only the highest quality grapes reach the winery.

The Vinification of the Giró Grape

Once the grapes have been selected, vinification begins. The Giró grape, with its thick skin and fleshy pulp, is suitable for producing quality red and rosé wines. The fermentation and maceration processes vary according to the style of wine sought. Some wines have longer macerations to extract more colour and tannins, while others aim for a lighter, fruitier profile.

Giró Grape Harvest

The Final Result

The wines made by Bodegas Xaló with Giró grapes offer a unique experience. They are usually red wines with body and character, with a palette of flavours that includes ripe red fruits, such as raspberries and cherries, as well as spicy and earthy notes. Their balance and structure make them wonderful companions to Alicante cuisine and other dishes from around the world.


The Giró grape harvest at Bodegas Xaló is a moment of great significance in the wine culture of the Marina Alta, Alicante. The care and attention dedicated to the harvest of these grapes is reflected in the exceptional quality and flavour of the resulting wines.

Each glass of Giró wine represents centuries of tradition and experience, and is an invitation to discover the authentic flavours of this unique wine region of Spain.

Giró Grape Harvest
Giró Grape Harvest

Bodegas Xaló is the bastion and undisputed guardian of the Giró grape variety in the Marina Alta region, and is known for producing high quality wines such as the 1962 Origen Edición Limitada Crianza red wine, the Castell d'Aixa Crianza, the Duquesa de la Vall Crianza, and the Serra de Bèrnia Roble. They also make delicious young red wines such as the Vall de Xaló Tinto, or the Pla de Llíber Tinto. Moreover, its unmistakable rosé wines such as the Vall de Xaló Rosé, the Pla de Llíber Rosé and the Malvarrosa Rosé, as well as the exquisite Vall de Xaló Selecta Giró liqueur wine, are also worth mentioning. 

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