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salon gourmets madrid 2021
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Our distinguished and careful production achieved with the combination of artisanal experience, treasured for centuries and the most advanced technical means, makes the Cooperativa Valenciana Virgen Pobre de Xaló an emblematic Winery in wines and spirits (mistela moscatel, red mistela and vermouth) of high quality.

Awards for our work

A multitude of awards endorse our work based on respect for the product and the more than 400 partners that make up our winery. 

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Last news

18 January 2023
Mistela Moscatel Vall de Xaló Laurel

Mistela Moscatel Vall de Xaló Laurel. Es un vino muy dulce, denso y untuoso, que recuerda a uva moscatel madura.

14 December 2022
Horarios Bodegas Xaló

Horarios Bodegas Xaló. Tienda: De lunes a viernes de 9:30 a 13:30 y de 15:00 a 19:00.
Sábados: De 10:00 a 14:00. Domingos: De 10:00 a 13:30. Visitas: Miércoles y viernes a las 16:30 horas. Lunes, sábado, y domingo a las 11:00 horas. (Bajo disponibilidad).

Where we are

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