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7 White Wines to Enjoy all Year

24 August 2021

Los vinos blancos además de ser ideales para acompañar arroces, pescados y mariscos, también son perfectos para disfrutarlos todo el año. Los vinos blancos son vinos jóvenes que hay que disfrutar a la temperatura adecuada, que oscila entre los 7º y 10º centígrados. Los vinos blancos de las Bodegas Xaló They are characterized by being made 100% with our most select grapes of the Moscatel de Alejandría variety.

Muscatel of Alexandria

The Muscat of Alexandria grape es ideal para la elaboración de vinos blancos. Además, es amante del clima mediterráneo, y se ha utilizado desde siempre para la elaboración de vinos blancos, para uva de mesa, y para la elaboración de pasas.


It is currently cultivated all over the world as it adapts very well to different types of soils. They are of Mediterranean origin, and have been present in all ancient civilizations.


Its bunches are large and not very compact. The berries are large and circular in shape with a tendency to elliptical longitudinal section. With thick and consistent skin. Its pulp is soft and very juicy, with the characteristic muscat flavor.

7 White Wines to Enjoy all Year

Bahía de Dénia Fermented in Barrel

This wonderful wine is born after resting for 5 months in French oak barrels. It is surprising for the nuances of a dry white of muscat grape, soft and citrus, but with a unique personality.

On the palate it is a very complex wine, fruity and slightly bitter, with a long journey and a persistent finish.

Due to its limited production, at present It is only for sale in the Bodegas Xaló store.

Serve: 7 - 10 ºC

Bahía de Dénia

After the Barrica Fermented Bahía de Dénia, it is undoubtedly our best white wine, made 100% with selected grapes of the Muscatel de Alejandría variety. It is a dry, delicate, very aromatic, fresh and balanced wine.

Clean and transparent wine, very bright and attractive to the eye, pale straw yellow with slightly greenish rims.

Delicate, silky and very well structured wine, which makes it ideal to accompany all kinds of rice dishes, fish and seafood.

Serve: 7 - 10 ºC

Sweet Bahía de Dénia

It is a natural semi sweet wine, made 100% with our best grapes of the Muscat of Alexandria variety.

The selected grape undergoes a cold pre-fermentation maceration to extract the varietal aromas. The must obtained is fermented at a low temperature, and when it reaches about 10 alcoholic degrees, the fermentation stops, thus leaving part of the natural sugar of the grape.

Delicate, semi-sweet, fresh, well structured wine, which makes it ideal to accompany foie gras, soft cheeses and other delicacies.

Serve: 7 - 10 ºC

Castell d´Aixa Moscatel

Made 100% with the Muscatel of Alexandria variety, typical of the Mediterranean area. An aromatic and fresh wine.

Pale yellow color, with greenish reflections, bright and clean.

Silky, with a great mid palate and well-balanced acidity.

It pairs well with fish and shellfish.

Serve: 7 - 10 ºC

White Wine Malvarrosa

Muscatel white wine with a sweet and silky touch. The contribution of sugar is natural by stopping the fermentation. The sea breeze, the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the fruit, combined in a wine with full Mediterranean flavor.

It is a clean, bright-looking wine with a pale yellow color. In the mouth it marks its sweet and uniform sweetness with a well balanced and fresh acidity highlighting its harmony.

Its pairing can be combined with starters such as rice, fresh fish, seafood, etc. You can even match with candy.

Serve: 7 - 10 ºC

white wines

White Wine Pla de Llíber

Pla de Llíber is born from young Muscatel vineyards, it is the proposal, innovation and creativity of a wine that expresses and transmits a new concept of youth and harmony, with an Estelvin stopper design that will be boasted in the future.

A new concept of youth and freshness, the perfect companion for tapas.

Serve: 7 - 10 ºC

White Wine Vall de Xalo

Made with our Muscatel of Alexandria grapes, this white wine is light, fresh and very aromatic. Ideal to accompany rice and fish on the beach.

Clean and transparent wine, bright, attractive to the eye. Pale straw yellow color with greenish edges.

Light, dry and very fresh on the palate. Perfect balance between acidity (notably high, which gives it freshness) and fruitiness. Slightly bitter final aftertaste although very pleasant, typical and required in the Muscatel variety.

Serve: 7 - 10 ºC

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