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bodegas xalo
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Bodegas Xaló

The Cradle of Moscatel

Bodegas Xaló is like the roots of the vines themselves, our passion for the vineyard sinks in the earth and in time. Our distinguished and careful production achieved with the combination of artisan experience, and the most advanced technical means, makes the Cooperativa Valenciana Virgen Pobre de Xaló high quality wines and spirits.

bodegas xalo

Bodegas Xaló:
Experiencias & Enoturismo

In a privileged corner of the Mediterranean we can enjoy wine tourism. Escape from the daily routine connecting with nature in its purest state, living original experiences with wine. Visit the winery with tasting and pairing of sausages, you are going to love it!

bodegas xalo

Mistela Riu Rau, 2022 gold medal at the prestigious "Concours Mondial Bruxelles", in the category of Sweet and Fortified Wines

Delicious Limited Edition Mistela handcrafted with the best muscatel grapes browned in the sun. Dark mahogany in color, with great personality, and a great balance between sweetness and acidity, it is perfect to accompany delicious sweets, all kinds of cheeses, foie, or to enjoy it simply.

Bodegas Xaló
Wine News

Bodegas Xaló Impresiona en la Experiencia Verema Valencia 2024

Bodegas Xaló Impresiona en la Experiencia Verema Valencia 2024. Los días 26 y 27 de febrero, la emblemática ciudad de Valencia se convirtió en el epicentro de la pasión por el vino con la celebración de la Experiencia Verema 2024, un evento que reúne a los mejores exponentes del mundo vinícola. En este marco incomparable, Bodegas Xaló brilló con luz propia, dejando una marca imborrable en el histórico Hotel Balneario Las Arenas y consolidando su reputación como una de las bodegas más destacadas del panorama vinícola español.

Bodegas Xaló Destaca en el VIII Salón de los Vinos Generosos, Dulces y Fortificados en Madrid

Bodegas Xaló Destaca en el VIII Salón de los Vinos Generosos, Dulces y Fortificados en Madrid. Los vinos de Bodegas Xaló capturaron la atención de los visitantes desde el primer momento, seduciéndolos con su riqueza aromática, su equilibrio en boca y su carácter distintivo. Cada botella contaba una historia única, enraizada en las tierras mediterráneas que vieron nacer a estas excepcionales cepas.

Barcelona Wine Week 2024

Exploring the Elegance of Wine at Barcelona Wine Week 2024: From 5 to 7 February, wine lovers and oenology enthusiasts come together at an event that celebrates the excellence and diversity of wines: Barcelona Wine Week.

Bodegas Xaló
Wine Blog

Lecciones de una Visita Guiada y Cata de Vinos a Bodegas Xaló: Descubriendo el Arte del Vino Visita Guiada y Cata de Vinos

Lessons from a Guided Visit and Wine Tasting to Bodegas Xaló: Discovering the Art of Wine. Taking a guided tour of Bodegas Xaló and participating in a wine tasting is more than a sensory experience; is an educational journey that immerses wine lovers in the fascinating world of viticulture, winemaking and wine appreciation.

Limited Edition Wines: Captivating Treasures in a Bottle

Bodegas Xaló's limited edition wines are, as the name suggests, limited and numbered productions made from specially selected grapes. This limitation in production turns each bottle into something more than just a simple drink; it becomes a limited masterpiece destined to be appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors.

Vermouth Time: A Toast to Tradition and Friendship

Vermouth Time is much more than a tradition; It is a time to celebrate life, friendship and good taste. In a hectic world, this pause to enjoy a glass of vermouth, surrounded by loved ones and good snacks, reminds us of the importance of appreciating the simple pleasures in life.

Bodegas Xaló


Ctra. Xaló – Alcalalí s/n. – 03727 Xaló (Alicante).

Office Phone: 966 480 034.
Email Oficina:

Visits Phone:
646 79 85 45.
Email visitas:


Horario Tienda Bodegas Xaló: Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturdays: From 10:00 to 14:00. Sundays: From 10:00 to 13:30.
Horario Oficina Bodegas Xaló: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday Closed.
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